Yes we do, we ship across North America as well as internationally.

Our main shipping provider for the United States is USPS and we use Canada Post in Canada.

Yes, once you have signed up to make a purchase you will automatically receive updates on your order and also be able to revisit past orders from your dashboard.

Orders will be shipped within 7 days of purchase or release date if the item is a preorder, however our goal is to ship within 48hrs. If you ordered items with different release dates your order will only be shipped once all items are in the shop.

In the past we had a hold box but now we have better shipping rates and believe getting orders out when they are fulfilled is the best way to do it.

1st check the release date and ship date in the titles description, often this is over looked. 2nd you can send us a message with the invoice # so we can assist you.

Free shipping is not applicable to comic supply's or CGC add-ons.


For comic books and graphic novels, this date is the Final Order Cutoff (FOC) Date, meaning the date retailers must submit their final orders before publishers set their print runs. Books ordered before FOC usually come out 3 weeks later.

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A trade dress is usually a cvr A of a retailer exclusive that has the title on it that describes the book and/or a bar code.

This would most often be a duplicate of a Trade Dress but without any writing or logos on it.

A COA is a Certificate of Authentication, often given when a book is signed or limited.

If we witness a signing we do provide a COA. If the item is limited and the primary retailer provides a COA it will be included with the book.


The best way to reach us is through sending an email. Click here to contact us.

We only send in to CGC.

Grading is subjective and we can only guarantee 9.2 on new comics as well as from 3rd party companies such as CGC when grading. We will definitely pick the best ones and quite often send in extras.

If your order is something that is in stock we generally pick it within 72hrs of purchase. On some rare occasions it can take longer if we can not find the item or the item is damaged and we need to try find a replacement.

Turn around times can be checked on the CGC website with the link provided below.

Generally, we send books to CGC within 14 dqys of release.

Here is the link for the Current CGC Turnaround times: 

All our back issues can be found on our website Back Issues

Yes we do purchase collections.

The best way would be to sign up to our news letter.

All sales are final. Returns and refunds are on a situational basis as required. If for any reason you are not happy, then please let us know how we can change that.


Leave contact details and your questions below. We will answer it as soon as possible.