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Welcome to Pharcyde Comics, your comic shops favorite comic shop. We are an Up State New York based online store with offices also in Montreal, Quebec Canada. We provide the comic fans in the United States, Canada, and even overseas with a wide selection of store exclusives and weekly comic books.

Like all comic collectors, we’re very serious about protecting & preserving our comic treasures and that is why we strive to offer a high level of service selection and price.

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- The Pharcyders

At Pharcyde Comics we value and respect you, your business, your time and your money!


❤️ A month ago we created a direct email to our customer service and have been responding to emails within 48hrs.

❤️We have agreed with our exclusive variant store partners not to sell exclusives one day at regular price only to basically kill the market
and disrespect our clients by drastically slashing prices on exclusives months later or what we have sadly seen even before release date in some cases.

❤️ We continue to use nothing but the best shipping boxes and packing materials. We are pleased to announce that we are currently
switching to Comic Shield comic and slab branded boxes.

❤️ To speed up international shipping we now have locations in both Canada and the United States. We also continue to offer very competitive rates, as well as to offer FREE shipping in Canada and the USA with very minor reasonable conditions.

❤️ We teamed up with some of the most highly respected and reputable stores to bring some of the most amazing exclusive variants on the market from top artists.

❤️ We have had our comic coins reward program in place since the start of our online presence and soon will rollout our customer appreciation monthly Stash Boxes.

❤️ We love and value our clients, we are nothing without you and nothing without a good name. We are listening to our customers and promising to continue to provide top quality products and service while respecting the comic community and market.

our location

Mooers, New York 12958


As we continue to offer a wide selection of store exclusives from many various publishers and artists our goal is to have quality collectables and safely ship them to our satisfied clients in a prompt period of time.