BUILD A BOX SERVICE gives members the freedom to make multiple various sized purchases and not worry about shipping costs spread across multiple orders.

Members of Pharcyde Comics BUILD A BOX SERVICE can choose their shipping preference of their combined orders when they like. We do encourage those members that accumulate a lot or orders to ship on a monthly basis but never force anyone out.

By selecting a Shipping Request you are asking us to combine all your fulfilled orders as of the date and time of the order.

Reminder that there is a possible lapse from the time an order is Fulfilled and when it actually goes in your section, so waiting 24-72 hours after you receive fulfillment emails for want you shipped would be best.

You will receive a shipping invoice by email within 7 days of request, however our goal is to pack up and send invoice within 48hrs (Monday-Friday). Purchases from the time you make a shipping request to the time we pack and/or send you the invoice does not mean they will be in your shipment.

Once your shipping invoice is paid your orders will be shipped and you will receive a tracking #.

BUILD A BOX service is free but shipping is not, and accumulated purchases which add up over the free shipping threshold do not equal free shipping.

The BUILD A BOX service is simply a easy way to purchase weekly comics or more without having the stress of paying a whole bunch of separate shipping fees just because you do not spend a certain amount on the website each time.

Pick-Up is available in Montreal, Quebec at our shop for free.

For Canadian clients we can go up to 50lbs inside a double sided 18x14x14 box. This would be the max for Canada Post workers and holds A LOT of comics!

US citizens benefit from FLAT RATE shipping and can go up to 40 Books for around $26.00 USD. So if you estimate each order you make is $10-$13 shipping each time you can see that every 3 orders you are already saving on shipping.... So Dont go over 40 books and have at least 3 orders shipped at a time and your good!


Just reach out to us once you have an account on the website and we can attribute the BUILD A BOX service to your account and from then on you will have the BUILD A BOX option at check out.

For more information please email us at message John direct at