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Epic Fantasy Arrives at American Mythology!  There's an evil growing inside the kingdom of Shadowrock! Death has found a home in the villages outside of the castle's mountainous walls, and King Eldros has put out a call to the greatest warriors of the realm. What he gets is a disgraced noble, a freelancer looking to repair his father's shattered legacy, a dwarf with a bad attitude, a thief looking to secure her place in the Madori, a caster, a grey heart - the last of his kind, and a boy looking to avenge his family after losing them to "those who sleep below"! It's sword and sorcery - the American Mythology way! Part terror - part magic - all adventure! Can this mismatched group of adventurers learn to work together and find the one weapon that can stop this evil before the entire kingdom is lost? Join us on an epic journey into a bold new world of magic and monsters brought to you by the comic company that myths call home!  This issue comes with four covers - Main Cover by concept artist Vincent Spencer, Homage Variant by Buz Hasson & Ken Haeser, Adventure Awaits Variant by Eliano Marques, and a special Century Edition limited to just 100 printed also by Hasson & Haeser.

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